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International Symposium on Rare Liver Diseases 2024

The International Symposium on Rare Liver Diseases 2024 promises to be a landmark event for medical professionals and researchers dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of liver diseases. Scheduled for April 11 and 12, 2024, at the Centro Botín in Santander, Spain, this symposium, directed by renowned experts Javier Crespo and José Luis Calleja, is set to address a spectrum of rare liver diseases and provide a platform for collaborative learning.

Program Overview: The symposium starts on Thursday, April 11, with an opening ceremony at 11:30, followed by an inaugural lecture by Ángel Carracedo. The program covers various topics, including minority liver diseases, non-inherited liver diseases like Primary Biliary Cholangitis, Wilson’s disease, Hepatitis Delta Virus, and vascular diseases of the liver. On Friday, April 12, the focus shifts to other inherited rare liver diseases.